Jacob Merkel

Jacob Merkel

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4 Andrews St.
26 Wilder St. by himself. No other family.
Holland St.
31 Champlain St.
126 Champlain St.
126 Champlain St. in 8th ward. This is area south of the old Rochester General Hospital on West Main Street, Rochester, NY. Living with wife Elisabeth.
126 Champlain St.
118 Champlain St. According to Dick Halsey, only the house numbers changed. They did not move to a different house.
living at 118 Champlain St., Rochester,NY . Jacob & Elisabeth with 4 Children: Lillian, Gustave, Anna & Edwin.
1884 to 1912
Jacob's address is listed as 118 Champlain
until his death in 1916 he is listed as living at 292 Champlain St. It is possible the house number changed again but Dick Halsey couldn't be sure.



working in printing shop.
1872 to 1875
N. Water Street near RR
1875 to 1878
135 N. Water St. *** The 2 above may be the same place. The business at 135 N. Street was John G. Schmidt and Sons, manufacturers of faucets.
working at 111+ N. Water Street.
1879 to 1882
 worked on Brown's Race
1883 to 1884
working at 3 Aqueduct Street.
working at 7 Hill Street.
working at 13 Canal Street.
working at 205 N. Water Street.
1893 to 1898
worked at 3 Graves Street which was Bortle & Lazier Turning.
1898 to 1910
worked at 10 Graves Street which was the George P.Bortle Turning Company.( Mr. Lazier either died or sold out).
working as " Wood Turner". No address given.
1910 to 1912
working at 32 Silver Street which again was the George Bortle Turning Company.

My Great Grandfather

Born: 27 July 1848
Iffezheim, Germany

Died: 30 Dec.1916
Rochester, NY

Elizabeth Ruff
21 March 1852 - 3 June 1949

Married: 15 Nov. 1870
Rochester, NY

The Merkel line finally makes it to Rochester.

My Great Grandfather was my ancestor who left Germany and came to America  In 1867, apparently via the Atlantic harbor Le Harve, Jacob emigrated to America and eventually Rochester, NY 

For information on Jacob's wife, visit the The Ruff Page - Information on the Ruf Family including Elizabeth and her father Balthasar

Death and Burial:

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, of Rochester, NY. Section 3 South, lot 47. There are 3 small stones in a row with just names and years: Jacob. Eliz. & Lillian. The stones are identical and of a rather unusual design. Directly behind Lillian's in the next row was another of the same design, Marian Lotze 1920 1921. Marian Lotze is the daughter of Anna Mary Merkel & Carl Henry Lotze.


Became a citizen of the US on 17 Sept. 1875 in Rochester, NY.
SOURCE: Petitions film roll: 0982830. Witnesses were John G. Schmidt and Balthasar Ruff.

In 1875 Jacob worked for John G. Schmidt and Sons, manufacturers of faucets.