Joseph Merkel

Joseph Merkel

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Joseph Merkel is my oldest known Merkel ancestor. He was born, lived and died in Iffezheim, Germany. Below is a photo from 1928 of a house built by Joseph between 1705-1710. This photo was sent to me by Roman Merkel. The house was continually re-inherited and used by the descendants as a farm house.

Roman's father (he is the man in the picture), also named Joseph Merkel inherited this house from his aunt, Johanna Gotz, b 1924. Until 1948, he ran a shoemaking business and small farm. Unfortunately Roman's father, born 3.4.1894, died at 54 of a heart condition In 1959. It was sold as an electricity station because no-one inherited the house. Some time after that it was torn down and a new building was erected.

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Iffezheim, Germany

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