Wintersdorf, Germany

Wintersdorf, Germany

Research from the Wintersdorf records and the Rochester, NY records also found several families from Wintersdorf who also came to Rochester.


Laurentius was born in Iffezheim but his father came from Wintersdorf. Laurentius Frisch: born: 10 Aug. 1810 in Iffezheim, Germany Crescentia Zimber: born: 1811 in Iffezheim, Germany Possible arrival in Rochester - 1832. They were married on the 28 of Sept. 1840 in Rochester, NY. They had numerous children in Rochester and are still around today. For more information on the Frisch families in Rochester, NY , contact Jack Lamphier at


Andres Rummel: born: Dec 1790 in Wintersdorf, Germany
Genovefa Schäffer: born: 15 Dec. 1796 in Wintersdorf, Germany

Andreas Rummel, his wife Genovefa Schäffer and a number of their children including Franz Bruno, Johan, Balthasar, Bernard, Martha and Gertrude all came to Rochester about 1847.


Balthasar Ruf and his sister Elisabeth came to Rochester from Wintersdorf. Balthasar's daughter, Elizabeth, married Jacob Merkel in Rochester. Balthasar's sister, Elizabeth, married Henry Heisel in Rochester.

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David Heberling: born: 11 June 1812 in Wintersdorf, Germany
Justina Schäffer: born: 24 Sept. 1815 in Iffezheim, Germany

They were married in Rochester in 1837.

They had one son that I found so far. His name was Henry born about1851. He married Magdalena Reinhardt 26 Nov 1885 in Rochester, NY.


Maria Josepha Heberling (brother of David): born: 19 Mar 1814 in Wintersdorf, Germany.
She married Balthasar Stickel in Wintersdorf, Germany. Balthasar died 1849 in Wintersdorf. Maria came to Rochester, NY with her children from her first marriage and her second husband Sebastian Bogner. There are a number of Stickel and Bogner descendants in Rochester.

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Conrad Grabenstatter: born: 24 Nov. 1800 in Wintersdorf, Germany
He was married in Rochester in 1837.

Why a page about Wintersdorf, Germany ? My paternal Merkel family came from Iffezheim, Germany. Two of my Merkel ancestors from Iffezheim married women from the Pfetzer and Kreitenweis families. The Pfetzer and Kreitenweis families originate from Wintersdorf, Germany which is the next small town north of Iffezheim. See the map. If you are interested in the Wetzel family of Wintersdorf, Germany or other information about the genealogy for the people of Wintersdorf, Germany contact Otto Wetzel