Updated: 15 September 2021

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Chili, Monroe, New York



Latitude: 43.107710, Longitude: -77.745020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arthur, Charles  30 Sep 1883Chili, Monroe, New York I112127
2 Betts, Benjamin  23 Feb 1889Chili, Monroe, New York I69445
3 Betts, Clayton  10 Feb 1878Chili, Monroe, New York I72445
4 Betts, Cora  Apr 1872Chili, Monroe, New York I72443
5 Betts, Mary  9 Dec 1881Chili, Monroe, New York I72449
6 Betts, Raymond  4 May 1886Chili, Monroe, New York I72363
7 Betts, Royal  May 1871Chili, Monroe, New York I124607
8 Betts, Royal  30 Jun 1875Chili, Monroe, New York I72358
9 Evershed, George  20 Sep 1868Chili, Monroe, New York I11894
10 Evershed, Susan  20 Jun 1870Chili, Monroe, New York I11893
11 Evershed, William  26 Mar 1872Chili, Monroe, New York I9811
12 Faust, Lewis  9 Apr 1903Chili, Monroe, New York I37751
13 Franke, Evelyn B.  1897Chili, Monroe, New York I129509
14 Harmon, Helen Louise  5 Dec 1909Chili, Monroe, New York I84287
15 Jacobs, Eleanor  Dec 1886Chili, Monroe, New York I43970
16 Jacobs, Genevieve  6 Jun 1893Chili, Monroe, New York I43974
17 Karges, Charles  Sep 1859Chili, Monroe, New York I27797
18 Krenzer, August  17 Feb 1876Chili, Monroe, New York I16326
19 Lachmeier, Reinhartd  30 Oct 1879Chili, Monroe, New York I100379
20 Maier, Edward Charles  1 May 1919Chili, Monroe, New York I126185
21 Miller, Louis Lambert  8 May 1905Chili, Monroe, New York I112128
22 Resch, Frank Christopher  15 Mar 1898Chili, Monroe, New York I81787
23 Scheg, John Edward  27 Apr 1895Chili, Monroe, New York I47718
24 Stein, Julia  31 Jul 1892Chili, Monroe, New York I21176
25 Vogel, Rosa  Abt 1877Chili, Monroe, New York I112865
26 Welsher, Aubery  9 Apr 1879Chili, Monroe, New York I96932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armbruster, Caroline  19 Apr 1922Chili, Monroe, New York I50990
2 Arthur, Charles  23 Oct 1910Chili, Monroe, New York I112127
3 Betts, Royal  Oct 1871Chili, Monroe, New York I124607
4 binn, Theresa  26 Jul 1918Chili, Monroe, New York I124365
5 Bonehill, Frederick  28 May 1968Chili, Monroe, New York I123204
6 Bubel, Frank Cornelius  17 Mar 1984Chili, Monroe, New York I78127
7 Deisen, Sarah  7 May 1895Chili, Monroe, New York I119682
8 DeYager, Arthur  2 Nov 1975Chili, Monroe, New York I74607
9 Fox, Charles  19 Dec 1939Chili, Monroe, New York I52934
10 Geist, Ida Margaret  20 Apr 1938Chili, Monroe, New York I34493
11 Greffrath, William  13 Feb 1901Chili, Monroe, New York I62795
12 Griffin, Margarite  19 Feb 2020Chili, Monroe, New York I117696
13 Hall, Louise Elizabeth  1 Dec 1972Chili, Monroe, New York I64955
14 Hassett, John  7 Oct 1934Chili, Monroe, New York I82662
15 Karges, Adler  23 Feb 1910Chili, Monroe, New York I27798
16 Klem, Carol  2 Jan 2009Chili, Monroe, New York I41679
17 Krenzer, George  27 Nov 1932Chili, Monroe, New York I66518
18 Krenzer, Hildegard  19 Jul 1986Chili, Monroe, New York I66516
19 Krenzer, Theodore  10 Apr 1901Chili, Monroe, New York I18393
20 Lachmeier, Charles  1922Chili, Monroe, New York I78518
21 Liebeck, Pius  1925Chili, Monroe, New York I27593
22 Maeske, Anna Elizabeth  31 Aug 1977Chili, Monroe, New York I66875
23 Meinzer, Siona  Jul 1920Chili, Monroe, New York I76622
24 Merkel, Barbara  9 Jul 2014Chili, Monroe, New York I103868
25 Reichert, Leona Mary  7 Mar 1985Chili, Monroe, New York I41677
26 Rule, Robert  22 Dec 2011Chili, Monroe, New York I41681
27 Spacher, Arthur Joseph  8 Jun 1949Chili, Monroe, New York I14861
28 Stein, Cecilia Sophia  23 Dec 1884Chili, Monroe, New York I72534
29 Vogel, Sebastain  20 Jun 1881Chili, Monroe, New York I19066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Angie, Jessie  Chili, Monroe, New York I126708
2 Beaman, Anna Matilda  Chili, Monroe, New York I65637
3 Beaman, Gertrude Irene  Chili, Monroe, New York I126580
4 Beisheim, Henry William  Chili, Monroe, New York I112280
5 Bieber, Harold Joseph  Chili, Monroe, New York I52886
6 Bittner, Caroline  Chili, Monroe, New York I117398
7 Brayer, Raymond Henry  Chili, Monroe, New York I10204
8 Bunce, Hattie May  Chili, Monroe, New York I118664
9 Curtis, Hazel  Chili, Monroe, New York I117434
10 De Ruyscher, Isaac  Chili, Monroe, New York I117500
11 De Ruyscher, Peter  Chili, Monroe, New York I117499
12 Dill, Walter  Chili, Monroe, New York I10801
13 Evans, James  Chili, Monroe, New York I47783
14 Ghysels, Mary  Chili, Monroe, New York I117501
15 Grape, Mabel  Chili, Monroe, New York I122949
16 Hanson, James W.  Chili, Monroe, New York I72599
17 Harrington, Howard W.  Chili, Monroe, New York I126709
18 Heiligenthaler, Joseph August  Chili, Monroe, New York I95428
19 Hemen, Mary  Chili, Monroe, New York I120443
20 Holgate, Effie  Chili, Monroe, New York I52706
21 Krautwurst, Helen S.  Chili, Monroe, New York I126187
22 Leo, Alfred John  Chili, Monroe, New York I35705
23 Leo, Arthur  Chili, Monroe, New York I125427
24 Lyness, Alfred  Chili, Monroe, New York I118661
25 Mahuson, Clarence  Chili, Monroe, New York I126561
26 McFarlin, Ada  Chili, Monroe, New York I117474
27 Meteyer, Milton  Chili, Monroe, New York I98860
28 Minnamon, George  Chili, Monroe, New York I117385
29 Ochs, Charles Orin  Chili, Monroe, New York I14304
30 Ohlrich, Wilburt  Chili, Monroe, New York I13427
31 Osterberg, Jean  Chili, Monroe, New York I113489
32 Osterberg, Kenneth  Chili, Monroe, New York I113483
33 Ovenburg, Florence  Chili, Monroe, New York I117497
34 Peters, Delia  Chili, Monroe, New York I117424
35 Peters, Earl  Chili, Monroe, New York I117419
36 Peters, Evelyn  Chili, Monroe, New York I117423
37 Peters, George  Chili, Monroe, New York I117397
38 Peters, Georgiana V.  Chili, Monroe, New York I117396
39 Peters, Herbert  Chili, Monroe, New York I117420
40 Peters, Wilbur  Chili, Monroe, New York I117421
41 Reusch, Louisa Josephine  Chili, Monroe, New York I27602
42 Russell, William  Chili, Monroe, New York I121798
43 Russer, Mary  Chili, Monroe, New York I122448
44 Sager, Cora  Chili, Monroe, New York I35706
45 Schott, Harold Jacob  Chili, Monroe, New York I27607
46 Schultz, George Roy  Chili, Monroe, New York I112786
47 Schwind, Florence  Chili, Monroe, New York I10274
48 Siebert, Richard Lewis  Chili, Monroe, New York I113492
49 Stallman, Raymond  Chili, Monroe, New York I120589
50 Starkweather, Margaret Belle  Chili, Monroe, New York I113484

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Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Nichols  11 Jun 1909Chili, Monroe, New York F22060
2 Beaman / Adams  1 Nov 1922Chili, Monroe, New York F22567
3 Bixler / Wusnick  7 Apr 1933Chili, Monroe, New York F40103
4 Brasser / Schutt  6 Apr 1928Chili, Monroe, New York F40084
5 Bryson / Hondorf  24 Sep 1929Chili, Monroe, New York F39201
6 De Hollander / Lay  24 Nov 1934Chili, Monroe, New York F43130
7 Farrell / Haszlauer  23 Apr 1927Chili, Monroe, New York F27544
8 Goeltz / Fisher  4 Nov 1929Chili, Monroe, New York F30060
9 Healy / Reynolds  28 Jul 1913Chili, Monroe, New York F38860
10 Homer / Hirschler  6 Jun 1910Chili, Monroe, New York F32607
11 Lenhardt / Ebertz  4 Jun 1931Chili, Monroe, New York F27099
12 Morgan / Healy  17 Jun 1924Chili, Monroe, New York F38864
13 Murney / Trombly  8 Aug 1927Chili, Monroe, New York F46459
14 Ritzenthaler / Miller  14 May 1928Chili, Monroe, New York F27910
15 Smith / Dool  23 Feb 1933Chili, Monroe, New York F43355
16 Statt / Harmon  15 Sep 1934Chili, Monroe, New York F29843
17 Trau / Bubel  22 Jun 1934Chili, Monroe, New York F27226
18 Witzel / Resch  16 Sep 1924Chili, Monroe, New York F28805

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