Eusebius Merkel

Eusebius Merkel

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Eusebius  was born in 1822. He came to Rochester sometime before 1855. He also came from Iffezheim, Germany, the same town that my paternal grandfather, Jacob Merkel came from. I've traced Eusebius' line back to 1686. I researching this line first because Eusebius was born in Iffezheim, Germany, the same town that my paternal Merkel line is from. Second, the mother of Eusebius is Elizabeth Schneider. She is the half first cousin to Euphrosina Schneider who is the mother of my Great Great grandmother, Barbara Pfetzer.


Born: 15 Dec. 1822
Iffezheim, Ger.

Died: 5 June1890
Rochester, NY

First Wife:
Sabina Zoller
28 Oct. 1829 Iffezheim, Ger.
25 May 1856 Rochester, NY
Married: 6 May 1855
Rochester, NY

2nd Wife:
Maria Anna Aspenleiter
born: April 1835 Germany
Married: 21 Sep 1858
Rochester, NY