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Langenbrand, Germany

Eusebius Merkel

My maternal Merkel line came from Langenbrand, Germany. Langenbrand is not vary far from Iffezheim, Germany where my paternal Merkel line originated.

There are a number of families from Langenbrand, Germany who found their way to Rochester, NY. The following list of people and information is derived from my research on  the records in  Rochester, NY and Langenbrand, Germany. Other very important information came from contacts with other people doing research on some of the families listed below. Here are the Langenbrand residents that I found so far who decided to settle in Rochester, NY.


Valentin Merkel and wife Maria Anna Gerstnergo here for more info on these people
Valentin and Maria Anna arrived in Rochester in 1851 with their 8 children.


Valentin Merkel (cousin of Johan Merkel below)
born 14 Feb. 1827 Langenbrand, Germany
Immigrated to Rochester, NY in 1854
parents: Johan Merkel and Johanna Merkel
Married Maria Antonia Wuench on 7 Nov. 1858 in Rochester, NY.

Maria Antonia Wuench:
born: 1840 Gausbach, Baden Germany
died: 30 July 1893 Rochester, New York

They had 8 children that I know of.


Johan Merkel (cousin of Valentin Merkel above)
born 18 Feb. 1846 Langenbrand, Germany
died: 1911 in Rochester, NY
Immigrated to Rochester, NY in 1873
parents: Franz Merkel and M. Josepha Gotz
Married Helena Merkel on 13 June 1876 in Rochester, NY.

Helena Merkel ( daughter of Bernhard Merkel of my maternal Merkel branch):
born: 30 Sept. 1855 Langenbrand, Baden Germany
died: 11 Jan. 1886 Rochester, New York

John was married a second time to Anna Bittner 25 July 1887 in Rochester, NY


Magnus Merkel
The following information came from Joan Merkel Hall, Oakfield, NY at  jhall2@eznet.net

1  The Langenbrand church records: Magnus was born 7 Sep 1824 and baptized as Herman Magnus, but would be known by the name Magnus. It seems that his parents weren't married yet when he was born. There was a long notation about his status in the margin of the church record. The record says his father was single. His father was Ferdinand Merkel and his mother was Apollonia Klumpp (b 1781 d July 26, 1847). Her parents were George Klumpp and Ana Maria Merkel). His grandfather was Franz Joseph Merkel. His grandmother was not mentioned by name, but she was legitimate.

2   Joseph Merkel married Apollina Klumpp and they had several children, one of whom was Ferdinanda (b. 7 Oct 1804).

Merkel children of Joseph Merkel and Apollonia Klumpp: (In most of the records he is Franz Joseph Merkel, in some just Joseph)

Gabriel b. 24 Mar 1802 d. 26 Apr 1817
Ferdinanda b. 7 oct 1804
Francisca b. 26 Feb 1808
Ana Maria b. 22 May 1812
Fidelis b. 22 Apr 1817
Simon b. 28 Oct 1820
Magnus b. 7 Sep 1824

Joseph died by 1824 and Apollonia had an illegimate son, Magus (b. 7 Sep 1824) by Ferdinand Merkel. She probably had another illegimate son, Dartius? (b. 1828).

3   On 22 March 1829, Ferdinanda Merkel (b 1804 d December 17, 1838) married Franz (Francis) Merkel (b 1805 d September 03, 1852). They had two children, Xaver (b. 1831)and Josephina (b. 1838). Ferdinanda  died. Franz then married Maria Josepha Goetz on 19 Jun or Jan 1840 (Josepha d December 09, 1869)? They had eight children between 1840 and 1851.

4   Magnus and Darius are listed in the Langenbrand family book under Franz merkel. Looks like Franz and Ferdinanda must have adopted Magnus and Darius -- they certainly raised them both. (Remember Ferdinanda is Magnus's half-sister). Remember, they are the people listed as his parents in the St Josephs RC church marriage record for Magnus and Mary Anna (Fortenbacher). They didn't marry until 5 years after Magnus was born.

5  Here is a list of Franz merkel's children from the Langenbrand family book. By Ferdinanda merkel:
1. Xaver b. 4 Aug 1831
2. Maria Josepha b. 8 Dec 1837

By Maria Josepha Goetz:
1. Sigmund b. 10 Dec 1840 d. 11 Jun 1865
2. Simon b. 28 Sep 1842 d. 16 oct 1842
3. Francisca b. 26 oct 1843
4. Johannah b. 18 Feb 1846
5. Heinrich b. 7 Apr 1848 (twin) d. 7 Jun or Jul 1849 (The death record says Hermann)
6. Joseph b. 7 Apr 1848 (twin) d. 17 Jun 1848
7. Leopold b. 18 Nov 1849

then are listed:

Magnus b. 7 Sep 1824
Darius b. 2 Apr 1828

finally written in at some later time with a different handwriting:

Benedictus b. 21 Mar 1851 (assume he's by Maria Josepha Goetz)

Now there is our confusing history on Herman Magnus Merkel who emigrated about 1847 - 1851 from Langenbrand, Baden, Germany to Rochester, New York.

Per St. Joseph RC Church, Rochester, NY, marriage record: Magnus Merkel and Maria Anna Fortenbacher were married on 8 Jan 1857. Maria Anna Fortenbacher (name changed to Mary Ford) was born June 07, 1837 in Weisenbach, Baden, Germany & d April 06, 1917 in Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA.

Baptized June 8, 1837 at 2 p.m.: Maria Anna, legitimate daughter of local citizen and mason Michael Fortenbacher and his wife Agatha Gerstner. Witnesses and sponsors: Wendelin Klumpp, weaver and his wife Maria Anna Krieg, as well as local teacher Freij, an additional witness.

Maria emigrated with her family from Germany to Rochester, NY in 1851. Birth record for her mother, Agatha Gerstner , Weisenbach, Baden, Germany was annotated that she married Michael Fortenbacher and they went to America in 1851. We believe Magnus and the Fortenbachers were here in Census 1855 in Irondequoit. After marriage Magnus and family are in Honeoye Falls, Mendon, Monroe Co., NY. Both of Maria's parents had died and two of her sisters resided with them.

We have no idea how these 2 sisters ended up married to men from South Alabama, Genesee County, NY. And later we are told Magnus' son, Albert - my grandfather - also went to one of these girls to live in South Alabama.

My sources for this info is various Census records, death certificates for Mary and Magnus, St. Joseph Church records, Rochester, NY., Langenbrand and Weisenbach RC church records, Baden, Germany. I have a friend who voluteers at the NARA in Washington DC and with the help of LDS films has obtained these records, transcribed them and has a friend at the archives who helps with the German as well.

And at time of her death, Mary lived daughter's family "Cain" in Rochester and was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. I have not located this grave either as I have not been to Rochester to look. It was not on the net listings. This was several years later than Magnus death. We have not located ship records for Magnus or the Fortenbachers. Nor do we know where they might have been between 1851 and the 1855 census for Irondequoit that says residents of town 1/2 year.


Joseph Merkel
born 21 Feb. 1839 Langenbrand, Germany
Immigrated to Rochester, NY prior to 1871
parents: Karl Merkel and Maria Ann Schaub
Married Paulina (Leckinger - I'm not sure of the spelling of Paulina's last name)  on 6 June 1871 in Rochester, NY.
I found 4 children so far.


Ferdinand Merkel:
born 1 June 1821 Langenbrand, Germany
immigrated to Rochester, NY prior to 1858
Parents: Dominik Merkel and Elisabeth Dominik

Married 3 times in Rochester:
Victoria 9 Nov. 1858
Elisabeth 23 June 1859
Maria Hauver 23 January 1865

Karl Merkel

brother of Ferdinand above:
born 3 Feb. 1815 Langenbrand, Germany
immigrated to Rochester, NY prior to 1864
Parents: Dominik Merkel and Elisabeth Dominik
Married: Francisca 9 June 1864 in Rochester, NY


Joseph Merkel:
born 27 April  Langenbrand, Germany
immigrated to Rochester, NY prior to 1876
Parents: Mathias Merkel and Carolina Schoch
Married Cacilia Staub 26 Jan 1876 in Rochester, NY



Elias Fritz:
born 18 July 1820 Langenbrand, Germany.
died: 25 Dec. 1891 Rochester, NY
Immigrated to Rochester, NY in 1851 with wife Valentina Merkel, daughter of Valentine Merkel above.
They had two children in Langenbrand and three more children in Rochester.


Wendelin Gerstner:
born 16 Oct. 1846 Langenbrand, Germany.
Immigrated to Rochester, NY in about 1867.
Wendelin married Catharina Gruber on 11 Dec. 1870 in Rochester, NY.

They had 3 children that I know of.


Antonia and Theresia Schoch below are sisters. They arrived in Rochester in 1851 with their parents and three other siblings:
M. Anna, Engelberta and Andreas.

Antonia Schoch
born 17 January 1845 Langenbrand, Germany
mmigrated to Rochester, NY in 1851
Parents: Philip Schoch and Maria Anna Strobel
Married: Anton Ruf  15 July 1873 in Rochester, NY

Theresa Schoch
born 14 Oct 1836 Langenbrand, Germany
mmigrated to Rochester, NY in 1851
Parents: Philip Schoch and Maria Anna Strobel
Married: Eugene Herbst  3 April 1866 in Rochester, NY


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