Iffezheim to other cities in America

Iffezheim to other cities in America

Iffezheim to Other Cities in America

The people of Iffezheim, Germany settled in other parts of America. Here are the people that I've found so far.

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Pottsville, PA


August Leuchtner : born 4 Aug. 1865 Iffezheim, Germany - died 20 Oct. 1912 in PA.

The following information was provided by Ed Leuchtner in CT.

August  sailed from Bremen to New York on the ship "ALLER" arriving 7 July 1888. His occupation was listed as a "merchant".
He had 12 children. He is also the brother of Blasius Leuchtner listed below.

For more information on these 2 Leuchtner families, visit the following web sites:

The Leuchtners on their visit to Iffezheim

More Leuchtner family information at: http://www.leuchtner.com/family/

Palmyra, NY


Blasius Leuchtner : born in 2 Feb. 1861 Iffezheim, Germany - died 21 Aug. 1957

The following information was provided by Ed Leuchtner in CT.

Blasius sailed from Hamburg to New York on the ship "SUEVIA" arriving 1 Jan. 1889. His occupation was listed as a "shoemaker" and his destination was Michigan. He eventually moved from Rochester, NY to Palmyra, NY. He is the brother of August Leuchtner listed above.

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Syracuse, NY

Peter - Brenner

Emanuel Peter: born 28 March 1821 Iffezheim, Germany
Rosalia Brenner: born 24 May 1834 Iffezheim, Germany

Emanuel  was a member of the German military in the 1840's, stationed at Carlsruhe, Germany. He left the country in about 1853 to come to the US with Rosalia Brenner. They returned to Germany in the 1860's and were married in 1863 in the Iffezheim Church. They again returned to the US probably around 1866 and settled in the Syracuse, New York area where they had their third son in 1867. The descendants of this family are still in the central New York area.

For further information on this family, contact Dale at daleny59@hotmail.com

Richter - Oesterle

Franz Joseph Richter : born 30 April 1821 Rastatt, Germany - died 1901 in Syracuse, NY
Brigitta Oesterle born 27 Sept. 1827 Iffezheim, Germany - died 1889 in Syracuse, NY

Franz and Brigitta arrived in New York in December 1852 with 3 children. They settled in Syracuse, NY.
The "Oesterle" name became "Easterly"

For further information on this family, contact Carl at CarlKraus@aol.com

Pittsburgh, PA

Merkel - Ziegler

Balthasar Merkel born 17 Dec. 1838 Iffezheim, Germany
Maria Rosa Ziegler born 12 July 1837 Iffezheim, Germany

Balthasar came to Pittsburgh, PA in May of 1865. He left his family in Baden to marry Marie Rosa Ziegler.
Marie Rose Ziegler had come to Pittsburgh, PA in 1864. She was living with her brother Bernard who was already here. Balthasar and Rosa Maria were married after he was settled in Pittsburgh. They had 4 children but he passed away at the early age of 34 in 1871.

Other families associated with this Merkel - Ziegler connection in the Pittsburgh area are:
Watzek, Bronder, Baldauf, Klein, Miller, Kircher, Crane, Shattles, Fanelli, McCarthy and others.For further information on this family, contact Jerome at jbax@bellatlantic.net

OhioJörger (Joerger / Yeager) - Kronimus

Laurentius ( Lorenzo)Jörger(changed to Yeager)born 16 August 1789 Iffezheim, Germany
Odilia (Odelia) Kronimus: born 5 Nov. 1792 Iffezheim, Germany
Laurentius and Odilia married in Iffezheim, Germany on Sept. 1816.
Immigrated to Ohio in 1833. They arrived with 3 children: Abyiost, Maria and Christian.

Gainsville, GeorgiaSimon Jacob

born 29 Oct. 1802 Iffezheim, Germany
Immigrated to Georgia prior to December 1834. Simon married Emily Chastain on the 18 Dec.1834. in Gainsville, Georgia.
Emily died in 1853 and Simon died in 1864. Many of their children were killed in the Civil War.

Simon's father Joannes immigrated after the death of Simon's wife Emily Chaistain. Simon Jacob, who immigrated to Georgia, and Aloysia Jacob who immigrated to Rochester, NY both come from the same Jacob line. They have their common ancestor in Nicolaus Jacob who was born in the 1680's.For further information on this family, contact Paul at pbj@ECE.MsState.EDU

Southern Indiana

For further information on the families listed below, contact Amelia at  MBPKelly@aol.com

Wilhelm, Werner, Jacob, Merkel, SchaefferAmelia also provided the following information.

The genesis  of this area of Southern Indiana goes back to Father Kundek. Kundek is given credit for the establishment of  a community of German speaking people who could retain their language and culture and also band together economically. This area formed a triangle of about 19 miles stretching  on the longest side from Jasper to Troy.

Rev. Kundek advertised in the German papers to lure immigrants to this area. My guess is that's how the Iffezheim folks got there.

Ambrose Wilhelm

born 9 Nov 1814 Iffezheim, Germany
died before 1880 in Evansville, Indian
Theodora Werner born 2 Jul 1816 Iffezheim, Germany
died after 1880 in Evansville, Indiana

Ambrose and Theodora married in Iffezheim on the 12 Nov. 1838 and left Germany in 1847 with their children from Iffezheim. They had three more children after arriving in Indiana. Their descendants settled in the Fulda and Evansville areas of Indiana.

Ambrose was the son of Joseph Wilhelm ( 1st husband ) of Agnes Merkel,  ( see Agnes below )Ambrose and his sons, Joseph and Anton served in Company A, 60th Indiana Infantry.  All three filed for invalid pensions. The 60th enlisted men at Evansville, Indiana, saw a lot of action and lost many men during the Civil War.

Medardus Jacob
born 8 June 1820 Iffezheim, Germany
died 28 Dec.1911 Fulda, Indiana

Medardus was the son of Peter Jacob ( 2nd husband ) of Agnes Merkel,  ( see Agnes below ). He left Germany in 1842 along with his mother Agnes Merkel ( see Agnes below ) and her third husband, Boniface Schaeffer.

Medardus  Jakob was married three times and outlived all of his wives.  His first wife was Genovefa Jerger, born 1824, Sinzheim, Baden and died 9 Oct. 2 1854 at 30 years of age in childbirth.

Medardus' second wife was  Anna Maria  Blum.  Anna Maria was born 1834 in Neuhof, Germany.  Merdadus and Mary Blum were married 19 Feb. 1857. Mary died from complications of childbirth November 1866.

On 17 Sep. 1867 in Jasper, IN, Merdatus married his second wife's sister-in-law, who was also is first wife's sister:  Maria Magdalena Jarger (8 Feb 1838 - 3 Nov 1905.)  Maria was a widow with three children and five more children were born.

Medardus was the father of 16 children and step father of 3 children. Medardus and his three wives are at rest at St. Boniface Cemetery, Fulda, Indiana. Many of Medardus' descendants are still in the Spencer County, Indiana

Boniface Schaeffer ( 3rd husband of Agnes Merkel )
born 3 May 1804 Iffezheim, Germany
died 3 Feb.1879 Fulda, Indiana
Agnes Merkel born 18 Jan. 1793 Iffezheim, Germany
died 15 Dec.1879 Fulda, Indiana

Boniface and Agnes married in Iffezheim on the 22 Nov. 1830.
They left Germany in 1842 with Medardus and their daughter, Laura born 10 Aug 1831 in Iffezheim. They arrived in Indiana in 1843. Laura is listed in the Ferdinand History but I have no further information on her.

Remigius Schaeffer ( brother of Boniface Schaeffer )
born 1 Oct. 1798 Iffezheim, Germany
died 23 Jun 1854 Fulda, Indian
Agnes Schneider
born 19 Jan. 1804 Iffezheim, Germany
died 8 Sep 1886 Tell City, Indiana

Remigius and Agnes were married in Iffezheim on the 26 Jan. 1829. They left Germany in 1847 with their children. Many of their descendants settled in the Fulda and Tell City areas of Indiana. Son, Leopold married Johanna Frances Zoglmann, daughter, Francisca married Valentin Blum, Jr. and their descendants married Waninger, Ackerman, Holtzman, all familiar names in Spencer and Perry Counties.

Ohio and then to Oregon


Mathias Schneider Birth: 24 Feb 1809 Iffezheim, Baden, Germany

Magdalena Gartner
Birth: 30 Sep 1807 Stupferich, Germany

Mathias and Magdalena were married in Iffezheim on the 9th of Feb. 1835. They had 4 children but 3 died very young.
They left Germany in 1842 with their son Carl Schneider born 4 Oct 1837 Iffezheim, Baden, Germany .

Mathias and Magdalena had four more children after arriving in Ohio.

The Schneider family settled in Ohio and then some of them moved to  Hillsboro, Oregon.

For more information on this Schneider family, you may contact Esther at EstherMichels@aol.com


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